Fabrics in Australia

In time there will be more images in this section.

The most important Australian work is Pandemonium, a fabric frieze made by Michael O’Connell in 1930, and in the collection of the National Gallery of Australia. It is listed in the NGA’s online catalogue to its collection but the image is very small. It is hoped to add an image or link to this page in due course.

1 Response to Fabrics in Australia

  1. Quintus Farrell says:

    Check out Lyon and Turnbull’s website on http://issuu.com/lyonandturnbullauctioneers/docs/379

    I am selling a piece by Michael O’Connell which my parents bought in Prima Vera in Cambridge in the early 1960s. It hung on our sitting room wall for 20 years and then came to me and now I have no room to display it. Do tell anyone who might be interested

    Quintus Farrell

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