The Chase, Perry Green

Michael O’Connell and his wife Ella built themselves a house in Perry Green, near Much Hadham in Hertfordshire, in 1937 after they returned to Britain from Australia. They called it The Chase.

In 1970 a fire destroyed the workshop, and Michael rebuilt it with the help of students and friends.

The Chase cropped

The house and workshop before the fire, looking across the lawn from the wood.

2 Responses to The Chase, Perry Green

  1. sandra norris says:

    I worked at the Henry Moore Foundation as s Summer Guide from 2007-12 and used to walk through the woods past The Chase. It was fascinating to see the textiles displayed in the Gibberd Gallery today, your website in progress and to realise from your website, the history of The Chase. I also think that Anna/Elsa Gifford may be the same person who taught Art in Harlow in the 1960’s?

    Thank you and best wishes .

    Sandra Norris

    • Sasha Wilson says:

      Sandra Norris, I grew up in Hoddesdon knowing Michael O’Connell very well and have often wondered what became of Terence. I would love to know, please?

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