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Museum websites

MERL – Reading University’s Museum of English Rural Life:
The restored Festival of Britain panels
More background information
Interview with Betty Sheridan (now Clarke)
Interview with Iris Sheridan (now Dedman)

Link to the V&A Collection

National Gallery of Victoria:
Link to the NGV Collection

National Gallery of Australia in Canberra:
Link to the NGA Collection


Michael O’Connell: The Lost Modernist
Harriet Edquist
Melbourne Books (2011)
ISBN: 978-1877096389
Link to flyer
Professor Harriet Edquist is the Director of the RMIT Design Archives, Melbourne, Australia

Australian Book Review – review of Harriet Edquist’s book:
Link to review

This book covers the Festival of Britain hanging:
The Crafts in Britain in the Twentieth Century
Tanya Harrod
Yale University Press (1999)
ISBN: 978-0300077803

Retrospective exhibitions

Bendigo Art gallery in Australia in 2011:
Link to notice

The Gibberd Gallery in Harlow in 2013:
Link to notice

7 Responses to Links and resources

  1. Tessa Green says:

    I grew up in Much Hadham and remember going to the Chase once on an open day. My mother died earlier this year and she had a beautiful silk batik wall-hanging which she must have bought from Michael in the late 60s/early 70s. I wonder if you would like a photo?

  2. Alastair Cunningham says:

    Dear Seamus,
    I have just found this site, thankyou. Since aquiring one of your fathers batiks a few months ago in Edinburgh, I have been researching as mush as possible to find out more. I have some prevenance from the previous owner who I am unable to contact, however I have been in email contact with Peter Hibbard who was involved with the original supply via an exhibition in his Post Office. It is called Adam and Eve and I think dates from the wax resist period, a little faded from hanging in a house in Much Hadham. I would like to know anymore information if available and can send an image if required. I also have just acquired Harriet Edquists book and am enjoying that, what an story, my best wishes to you in this work.

  3. Susan Scarth says:

    Dear Seamus,
    I have just discovered your website and congratulate you on finding a way to display your father’s work. I am very lucky to be the owner of three of his textile hangings. I have one in particular that I would like to sell to an appreciative owner. It is too large for any home or studio and so it remains in a drawer. I would like very much like to find it a proper home for it’s display. It used to hang in the hallway of my parent’s Regents Park home and was well preserved there in a half light. The title of the piece is Sculpture Seen in Roxy Green and is in a beautiful array of earthy colours – yellow ochre, black, natural linen/hemp cloth, and a patch of blue. A really stunning piece! Would you be able to share with me collectors, galleries etc who might be interested in buying this piece off me? If you email me directly I can send you some photographs of the piece.


  4. alastair cunningham says:

    Lyon and Turnbull Edinburgh Auctioneers have two pieces in their next decorative arts sale on 6th april.

  5. Sasha Wilson says:

    Terence/Seamus, I have just come across this wonderful link to your father’s life’s work and thank you for sharing it with us all. You may not remember me but I used to live with my mother, Elizabeth, in Hoddesdon and with other childhood friends from Broxbourne often cycled over to your father’s place in Perry Green. I would love to hear from you….



    I have a piece that has a signature, and I believe is a later O’Connell piece, more in an Aztec pattern Batik. The piece is definitely similar, but is not the amalgamation of “Mael” that is seen on some of the earlier pieces.

    Is it possible for me to send some some photos to you for your comments?

    Thanks so much in advance,

    George Benett

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