Links and resources

Museum websites

MERL – Reading University’s Museum of English Rural Life:
Link to MERL

V&A – but most items cannot be viewed:
Link to V&A Collection

National Gallery of Victoria:
Link to NGV Collection

National Gallery of Australia in Canberra – but most items cannot be viewed:
Link to NGA Collection


Michael O’Connell: The Lost Modernist
Harriet Edquist
Melbourne Books (2011)
ISBN: 978-1877096389
Link to flyer
Professor Harriet Edquist is the Director of the RMIT Design Archives, Melbourne, Australia

This book has quite a lot about the Festival of Britain hanging:
The Crafts in Britain in the Twentieth Century
Tanya Harrod
Yale University Press (1999)
ISBN: 978-0300077803

Exhibition website and reviews

Bendigo Art Gallery exhibition:
Link to notice

The Australian – review of Harriet Edquist’s book and the Bendigo exhibition:
Link to article

Australian Book Review – review of Harriet Edquist’s book:
Click for review

The Age – review of Harriet Edquist’s book and the Bendigo exhibition:
Link to article

6 Responses to Links and resources

  1. Tessa Green says:

    I grew up in Much Hadham and remember going to the Chase once on an open day. My mother died earlier this year and she had a beautiful silk batik wall-hanging which she must have bought from Michael in the late 60s/early 70s. I wonder if you would like a photo?

  2. Alastair Cunningham says:

    Dear Seamus,
    I have just found this site, thankyou. Since aquiring one of your fathers batiks a few months ago in Edinburgh, I have been researching as mush as possible to find out more. I have some prevenance from the previous owner who I am unable to contact, however I have been in email contact with Peter Hibbard who was involved with the original supply via an exhibition in his Post Office. It is called Adam and Eve and I think dates from the wax resist period, a little faded from hanging in a house in Much Hadham. I would like to know anymore information if available and can send an image if required. I also have just acquired Harriet Edquists book and am enjoying that, what an story, my best wishes to you in this work.

  3. Susan Scarth says:

    Dear Seamus,
    I have just discovered your website and congratulate you on finding a way to display your father’s work. I am very lucky to be the owner of three of his textile hangings. I have one in particular that I would like to sell to an appreciative owner. It is too large for any home or studio and so it remains in a drawer. I would like very much like to find it a proper home for it’s display. It used to hang in the hallway of my parent’s Regents Park home and was well preserved there in a half light. The title of the piece is Sculpture Seen in Roxy Green and is in a beautiful array of earthy colours – yellow ochre, black, natural linen/hemp cloth, and a patch of blue. A really stunning piece! Would you be able to share with me collectors, galleries etc who might be interested in buying this piece off me? If you email me directly I can send you some photographs of the piece.


  4. alastair cunningham says:

    Lyon and Turnbull Edinburgh Auctioneers have two pieces in their next decorative arts sale on 6th april.

  5. Sasha Wilson says:

    Terence/Seamus, I have just come across this wonderful link to your father’s life’s work and thank you for sharing it with us all. You may not remember me but I used to live with my mother, Elizabeth, in Hoddesdon and with other childhood friends from Broxbourne often cycled over to your father’s place in Perry Green. I would love to hear from you….

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