Pics of Michael

I’ve selected the pic of Michael taken when Victoria and I got married as the signature pic (or something like that). There might be IPR issues with it. It was taken by Mick Rock, a professional photographer, but I bought the wedding pictures from him so I might have the rights.

Mick’s photo is catches Michael in a very charactersitic sidelong glance with a smile. Below is a batik portrait by Deryck Henley. The same angle, equally charactersitic, but sad and pensive.

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4 Responses to Pics of Michael

  1. As a teenager following Michaels death I stayed at The Chase for some considerable time; partly a human guard dog and vainly to try and keep some warmth in the hearth.

    This portrait was leant against the wall in the sitting room all the time I was there; where it had been since before Michael’s last days I have no doubt.

    My father, John Tobin, told me Michael did not much like this work but nonetheless I felt it did capture him well if in a rather ‘illustrative’ style.

    Due to the cold I slept in the divan in the sitting room and I could see this picture whilst reposing so. Probably due to excessively cold weather there was an occasion when my girlfriend and I were snuggled-up together there. In the firelight dappled room I looked over at this picture and I swear Michael gave me wink and a cock of the head. Stunned I turned to my cuddly pal who said exactly this “I know, I saw it too”.

  2. Interested to see the comments relating to the portrait I did of Michael. Can’t remember exactly when I did it but guess a few months before his death, I do remember him falling asleep during the sitting. Didn’t want to wake him so carried on which accounts for the half shut eyes.
    His son Shemus O’Connell has the portrait hanging in his house in London. There is quite a resurgence with his work in Australia and Harriet Edquist is trying to write his write his life story for publication and has recently had an exhibition of his work in Australia. So if anyone can fill in any missing pieces of the last year or so I’m sure Harriet would like to hear from you.
    Just let me know and I’ll put you in touch.
    Deryck Henley

  3. Think I have a better image of the portrait and if I can find it I’ll upload.

  4. It’s good to hear from Deryck.

    I think I’ve got a better photo somewhere, but I’d need to track it down. Or take another photo.

    Deryck – You can see in the photo I posted that there are some dark spots on the forehead. Are they also in your photo, which you presumably took soon after you created the batik?


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